• Mod.AUWAS 5000/1300,
  • construction year 2007,
  • this machine has been used for 1 year for tests only.
  • 3phase 90 kw engine.
  • Continuous movement
  • Suitable to remove dirt and glued labels from plastics (PE,PET,PS,etc.)
  • Working time and speed can be adjusted during work.
  • Rotor in 510 D anti-wear steel,
  • Rotor speed 125 tpm.,
  • body and paddles in anti-wear metal
  • Heads in Carbon Steel
  • Upper loading
  • lower discharging
  • rock wool insulated walls with stainless steel sheet outer shell
  • water nozzle
  • Average output : 3000 kg/hr depending on material. Can work with cold or hot water (heater not included)
  • Body size : diam.1300 mm. x 5000 mm. length.
  • Total dimensions 7645×1723 mm, 2500 mm height. Complete with electrical cabinet.
  • CE marking,
  • user manuals, drawings available.


AUWAS 5000/1300


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