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Turning "used" into "next-to-new"


Develope New Projects for Waste Management


Sworn Appraisals on Request


Spares, Repairs, Turn-Key Projects

A wide offer of dismissed equipment is available now on the market, but unexperienced buyers might sometimes mistake a  bad deal for a good bargain and this means loss of time, productivity and money.

If you are just getting into plastic business, with little or no experience, and want to untangle yourself in the jungle of used machinery, you must seek for reliable, competent partners.

On this website you will find only quality second hand machines for plastics recycling, processing and downstream equipment. The choice includes machines which have been completely overhauled, slightly reconditioned and only tested for proper functioning.

In our workshop, we give new life to dismissed equipment, replacing worn out parts, checking electrical and mechanical components, improving automation, etc. We can take care of remounting and starting up at destination as well of providing transport service all over the world. Our team includes engineers and expert technicians who can help you with project developement and sworn appraisals, when required to get  financial contributions.

We provide new spare parts for most European brands, such as grids, knives, heaters, electrical instruments, drilled baskets, augers, motors, gearboxes, inverters, mechanical parts, rubber coated rolls, printing rolls, etc.

If you are looking for a particular machine which you do not find on our website, please fill the form in  “contacts” and submit your detailed  request. Our staff will elaborate your enquiry and reply to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate.