If take  some time to browse this website, you will find some UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES which  you will not find anywhere else:

AUTOMATIC TWIN SCREW WASTE PROCESSOR: this powerful machine can handle a variety of waste materials.  The throughput rate can reach 4000 kg/h for  some processes.   No operator is needed in the process other than feeding through a conveyor belt to a larfìge hopper. see  FR108

To make some examples it can be used to

  • dry up and/or agglomerate plastic film  after a washing line
  • compact pulper coming from paper mills
  • compact, melt and mix different plastic materials

but also to make

  • Wood plastic compounds
  • Oragnic peat production
  • dry and compac lucern to make animal food
  • compact tree bark
  • one client is using this machine to compact wheat straw + olive pomace

Another UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY you will see on our website is this AMUT FRICTION WASHER, which can handle hard and soft plastics at a rate of 3000 kg/h. Have you enquired on price for a new one?  LB210 

and what about a PLASTIC WASHING LINE which can handle hard and soft scraps at a rate of 450 to 700 kg/h, thoroughly RECONDITIONED  with WARRANTY ?   The system allows to deal with differents scraps just by including or excluding some of the equipment by a simple switch. Power consumption will vary  according to material and, consequently, from the equipment invoved. Installed 500 kw, used in full about 300 kw, can drop down to 100 kw.  BE100

and then of course this PALLMANN COMPLETE LINE PFV250, in NEXT-TO-NEW CONDITIONS,  new by end 2014. A long list on Constructor’s brochure to describe  what materials it can handle, ideal when you have CLEAN DRY PRODUCTION SCRAPS which you wish to re-input in your production cycle with considerable money saving.

Immediately ready. Many spare parts available. Set on a platform for easy handling. Completed by a powerful  55kw mill included. FR101

Tyres are a problem which we are bound to handle in a short time. Reground rubber from tyres is used in compounds with asphalt to increase  elasticity; it has resiliant and shock absorbing properties which make it ideal in sport facilities and running tracks; urban furniture and playing yards represent a very good way to re-use regranulated  rubber.

If you are in RUBBER BUSINESS  and are thinking to set up a TYRE RECYCLING LINE,  you might find the following one interesting : MN100

It handles TRUCK and CAR TYRES, separating metal  +  fabric from rubber and granulating down to the size of 0,2 mm. diam. particles, at a rate up to  2.500 kg/h.   After first shredding, used only occasionally,  the rest of the line is NEW, used for tests only.

more for you to find out…

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