If you take  some time to browse this website, you will find some UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES which  you will not find anywhere else:


AUTOMATIC TWIN SCREW WASTE PROCESSOR: this powerful machine can handle a variety of waste materials.  The throughput rate can reach 4000 kg/h for some processes.   No operator is needed in the process other than feeding through a conveyor belt to a larfìge hopper.

To make some examples it can be used to

  • dry up and/or agglomerate plastics  after a washing line
  • compact pulper coming from paper mills
  • compact, melt and mix different plastic materials
  • ideal for preparing plastis for pyrolysis

When pouring directly into an extruder of adequate capacity, this machine allows a HUGE ENERGY SAVING. Just consider that material is already melted so you will save in extrusion !!

We can provide the whole system made with brand new extruder (bespoke to this project) and second hand waste processor, reconditioned to 100% performances.

TECNOVA EXTRUDER 130 mm 54 L/D    double degassing system. Vacuum pumps are positioned about 2 m. apart for best results. Constructed in 2015, bimetallic extruder with 200 kw a.c. motor + inverter, semi-automatic hydraulic screenchanger,  is offered totally reconditioned with or without crammed feeder, buffer and auger, for light PE PP PS and rigid PP PE ABS PC. We can replace the semi-automatic screenchanger with a FULLY AUTOMATIC SCREEN CHANGER either used or new.

Throughput rate is 400-600 kg/h depending on materials.


OMP PREALPINA 180 mm. 40 L/D  EXTRUSION LINE with double degassing system for PE PP ABS PC PS .   The line includes scrap silo, crammed feeder a.c.motor 415 kw + ABB inverter, semi-automatic hydraulic screenchanger, water ring pelletizer, etc. We can replace the semi-automatic screenchanger with a FULLY AUTOMATIC SCREENCHANGER,  either second hand or new.  The line is offered completely reconditioned with warranty.


Italian quality standards for materials and craftmanship.

DUAL SHAFT SHREDDERS, primary shredders  to reduce the size of  different scraps, from plastics to wood, tyres, bulky waste, metals, mixed plastics for RDF, and more. Electrically or hydraulically driven, stationary, roll-off or crawling. Ask for a machine bespoke to your project.


REEL SPLITTERS, reliable, sturdy and  versatile, are offered in a range of  sizes to suit your  size reduction project. Can be completed with conveyors,  storage structures, differeent knives. Even the single piston ones  are most reliable : no oscillations, no swaying, since the knife moves on a two-sides rack. Their INCREASED SPEED SYSTEM   doubles production because we know time is costly!  browse our website and ask for your machine !


VERTICAL MIXERS10, m3,  16.5 m3  or 20  m3 are the most requested ones. Manufactured in solid carbon steel, with anti-rust and finish paint. Complying with CE regulations for all safety devices, can be customized  for loading and discharging in different ways, or completed with drying system,  bag weighing/filling station,  etc.


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