Easiest  shortcut,  when you bump into a profitable scraps recycling business, could seem  grabbing the cheapest equipment you can find on the market, repairing it on a D-I-Y scheme,   keeping heavier investments for the future, after you have repaid initial investment and made some money.


Recycling business can be very profitable ONLY  if the equipment  you are relying on is the right one, TAILORED  to the job you are approaching  and if it is RELIABLE, otherwise it can become your worst nightmare.

Down time means LOSS. You accumulate scraps on your yard while struggling with broken machines or equipment in need of repair.  Payrolls remains a high part of the balance, but production is slowing down and even stopping.  You will be forced to  spend new money before you have settled your debts.  What a terrible scenario!!

So, unless you have means to buy BRAND NEW EQUIPMENT,  the second choice is USED, RECONDITIONED EQUIPMENT.

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