One worker per shift costs average 30,000 Euro per year.

Over 3 shifts the cost is 90,000 Euro per year.


An AUTOMATIC SCREEN-CHANGER pays for itself very quickly by eliminating one of the most time-consuming operations: it involves opening a machine that works above 200 °C, removing a filter full of melted plastic, scraping a surface from the plastic residue, inserting a new filter and closing the machine by screwing bolts.

Depending on the contamination of the material, a screen-change worker sometimes has to intervene every 10 minutes for this repetitive operation, potentially risky when carried out continuously.  The AUTOMATIC SCREEN-CHANGER proves to be an indispensable tool to decisively relieve the manual work of the worker, who can devote himself to other functions. Also the costs of disposing of the screens and the wasted material are considerably less impacting.

This type of automation, involving the reduction of risks for the operator, can be included in purchases subsidised by government grants in many Countries. If not, this remains the most sustainable solution anyway!

Today, you can benefit from this improvement without spending exorbitant amounts of money. Our machine, in its standard version, is affordable for anyone and allows very fast amortisation.

Starting from EUR 140,000 for a new machine! Guaranteed quality and highest performaces.

 No more excuses not to have one !


This is due to the fact that the selling price is reduced to the bone, stripped of all those excessive promotion costs, trade fairs and expensive marketing operations that would inevitably be reflected in the final price of the product. The simple reason is that the Manufacturer used to be himself a RECYCLER and knows how important it is to reduce costs and, at the same time, have a more serene working environment. So, years ago, he set up his own team of Engineers and started building his own  automatic screen-changers, testing them in person on his own wide range of materials. He keeps improving and refining the technology updating it to the new materials, in order to always obtain the best possible solution.

The most advanced version of this machine is an innovative system that not only improves filtration, but also allows MINIMUM MATERIAL WASTE, thanks to the CONTINUOUS EVACUATION SYSTEM.

Ask us for information with no strings or obligations. You will be amazed by the performance and the PRICE/QUALITY RATIO we can offer you! Come and see in person.






























































































































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