Germanplast SRL

First Quality Second Hand Plastic Machinery


Only 1st quality equipment can be reclaimed efficiently to give next-to-original performances.
Recycling equipment demands sturdiness and strength above all.
What makes good a shredder or a grinder is the quality of materials used in construction and reliability of electric components.
So, be confident with Germanplast reconditioned equipment.

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Our Services

In more than 25 years of experience we helped hundreds of businesses to grow by offering our machines and related serivces.


We can help you find the right SPARE PARTS for most European brands, such as grids, knives, heaters, electrical instruments, drilled baskets, augers, motors, gearboxes, inverters, mechanical parts, rubber coated rolls, printing rolls, etc.

Swarn Appraisals

Our team includes engineers and expert technicians who can help you with project developement and sworn appraisals, when required to get financial contributions.

Project Development

We can project COMPLETE SOLUTIONS tailored to suit your needs, with First Quality Second Hand Plastic Recycling Equipment from major Western constructors.

Remounting and Starting Up

We can take care of remounting and starting up at destination as well of providing transport service all over the world.

Care for Customers

Our care for customers DOES NOT END WITH SALE. We are prepared to give post-sale assistance for re-mounting and re-connecting through our team of skilled technicians.

Reclaim - Reuse - Recycle

This is our business core and value. We combine our experience and our gratest sustainable attitude everyday among our products and services.


Brand new equipment gives you a warranty, but you must consider:

  • Higher costs (sometimes even the double)
  • Longer delivery time
  • Quick depreciation

Then why not considering a way in between?
First Quality, Second Hand Equipment, Totally Reconditioned and Guaranteed by Germanplast.


Via Antonio Gramsci 48, 13875 Ponderano (BI) ITALY |  (+39) 015 590 446 |
VAT CODE: IT 02567770025 – R.E.A.195254

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