2007 PREALPINA 60 mm. 35 PE PP PS ABS PC

2007 PREALPINA 60 mm. 35 PE PP PS ABS PC

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Extruder with screw diam. 60 mm.35 L/D

for LDPE HDPE LLDPE PP PC PS ABS EPS EPE XPS Complete with scrap silo with agitators on bottom Connecting screw to crammed feeder Crammed feeder with vertical screw extruder with 60 mm screw 35 L/D n.1 vacuum degassing pump Semi-automatic non stop hydraulic screenchanger Water ring pelletizing unit Drying centrifuge Vibro classifier electric cabinet Total installed power 86 kw Used 50 kwh Average production rate 110-150 kg/h depending on material and feeding rate The line is offered as is or reconditioned


Model60 mm. 35 LDPE HDPE PP ABS PC PS EPS,etc.
Stock NumberGE707