On this website, you will find only quality second hand equipment for plastic processing and recycling. If you do not find the machine you are looking for, please fill the enquiry form and submit your request. Our staff will elaborate it and reply to you in the shortest possible time.

We can project complete solutions tailored to suit your needs, with second hand (if available) and brand new equipment from major Western constructors. All  you need to do is contact us with the main details of your project  and we will discuss with you  one or more solutions to achieve your targets.


If you are facing a problem with your plastic machine for a broken part (gearboxes, hydraulic pumps, screenchangers, heaters, nozzles, dies, shafts, rotors, etc.)  please feel free to contact us and ask for a competent advise on the possible repair or replacement.  We are in contact with major Constructors and their direct suppliers.

Nowadays, express transports are cheaper and distance must not worry you . Be confident in Germanplast, as you would be in your next door repair shop.


We are in contact with major constructors and can provide original spare parts and accessories for most European brands, such as grids knives, heaters, electrical instruments, mechanical parts, etc. even for brands  of  Constructors who have ceased business.


There are occasions when you are asked for a sworn appraisal in order to benefit from a contribution or to buy through a leasing Company. This appraisal states that the machine, although second hand, is up to quality and safety standards and ready to work.

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