All Purpose Sustainable 4 shaft shredders


  • Sturdy structure, loading hopper (possible closed hopper with rubber bands)
  • n. 4 shafts with cutting tools and scalar set hooks which force material to the shearing process.
  • Replacing knives is an easy operation well described on the manual.
  • The screen allows a more uniform size of the output. Too large parts are resent to shearing.
  • Dust and liquid proof barrel type bearings T
  • he motors are provided with planteray gearboxes.
  • The Siemens control panel (from GERS800 up) is an S7 1200 PLC with 6-color touch screen
  • and can be equipped with camera and modem for remote control, setting parameters, etc.
  • Additions possible on request:
  • Closed hopper with rubber bands
  • modem for remote control and assistance
  • loading conveyor belt
  • overbelt metal separator
  • metal detector
  • extraction belt
  • magnetic drum
  • extraction blower, pipings, bagging station.
  • downstream equipment bespoke to the project.
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all purpose 4 shaft shredders



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