AMUT SHEET EXTRUSION LINE s.90 mm w.900 mm.Ref.FMB303


  • Mod. EA90 for calendered sheet production, thickness  from 0,2 to 1,8 mm.
  • The equipment was currently manufacturing PS and HDPE sheet – Able to operate with other polymers such as PP, PE, PC and similar materials.
  • Extrusion section:
  • AMUT single screw extruder mod. EA-90.
  • Screw Ø 90 L28D, with 5 temperature and cooling control zones
  • With a spare chamber and screw of same features.
  • DC Motor, power 125 HP.
  • Forced degassing device
  • DINISCO type pressure control.
  • Hopper capacity 200 kg. with pellet feeding pneumatic system and masterbatch
  • Gravimetric dosing unit.
  • Hydraulic filters change, mesh Ø 100 mm.
  • Calendering/Cast section:
  • Flat head, useful width 940 mm., internal chrome-plating, year 1.998.
  • 3 vertical cylinders calender mirror chrome plating, with DIAPAN thermal oil
  • Temperature regulation unit, driven by DC motor 10 HP.
  • Upper 1st cylinder Ø: 212 mm.
  • 2nd medium and 3rd lower cylinders Ø: 340 mm.
  • Water cooling zone composed of 2 rear rollers and 2 rubber drag rollers Ø 160 mm, with cooling regulation equipment driven by DC motor 2 HP.
  • Installation of roller supports for reels of various fabrics to be laminated together with the film at extruder outlet and calender inlet.
  • Stabilisation and winding section: Pneumatic trimming system by means of interchangeable blades and double winding over stretching unit
  • Revolver type winder with drive system for reel change
  • Movements of calender and drag group controlled by AC geared motor
  • Power main electrical cabinet and command and general control desk.



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