TECNOVA 130 mm.54 L/D double degassing -Ref.MS100

TECNOVA PELLETIZER 130 mm 54 L/D double degassing system

  • Screw diam. 130 mm 54 L/D
  • Bi-metallic barrel
  • Forced feeding unit 
  • A.c. motor 200 Kw + inverter 
  • Double degassing system (for heavily printed or slightly moist materials)
  • semi-automatic screen changer for diam.224 mm screens (a fully automatic screen change can be supplied)
  • Oleodynamic power station
  • N.3 electric cabinets, vented
  • Die face pelletizer
  • Stainless steel centrifuge
  • stainless steel Vibro classifier
  • Vent
  • The line is offered reconditioned 
  • Average output 400/600 kg/h depending on material
  • total installe power 530 kw,  – about 318 kw used in work
  • Now under reconditioning. Ready in a few weeks from confirmation
  • Fully automatic screenchanger available on separate request

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