SINGLE SCREW EXTRUDER 60 mm 35 LD strand Ref.GE713



  • With adjustable GS-motor 36KW
  • Screw diameter: 60 mm 35 L/D
  • Degassing vacuum pump
  • 7 barrel heating zones = 20 KW
  • Total output 70 KW
  • Throughput capacity: 60-180kg/h
  • Integrated electrical control cabinet with temperature controllers and all connections
  • Continuously operating screen changer type L-026 with 2 channels heating 2,5KW
  • Granulating nozzle for 20 strands
  • Stainless steel water bath with deflection rollers and cooling fan
  • Dosing unit with hopper
  • Double sieve unit 800/300 stainless steel with double sieve trough round perforation 8mm for downstream connection of a transport suction unit Monitor control
  • Strand granulator GR 250 Motor 4KW, infinitely variable Collector heating, individual knives, inclined cut, pneumatically pressed feed roller, outlet with slide valve
  • Dry air dryer type E200 with 1 fully insulated 1000l V2A vessel
  • Drying 250kg/h
  • Stationary unit
  • Easy cleaning during material change due to pull- and plug-in system
  • Process controlled
  • With automatic boiler filling by material conveying system type Z-AS/GV SFR 80
  • Total connected load 18 KW
  • Year of construction 1994



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