Waste Management

In this category you will find further subcategories for whatever you need for recovering most common waste materials.


We can help you find the perfect Shredder depending on what material you want to recycle and the Tons/Hours you need it for.

Our Services

Find here the main services we offer. We can be flexible based on the specific project you are working on.

Assessment & Consulting

Our experience at your service to develop the most cost-efficient project for your needs. Depending on your budget and requirements we offer a huge range of customised solutions and can help you finding the perfect machine for your business.


We grant our support through Skype or Whatsapp for minor issues. For any other problems we are prepared to send our technicians.

Repair, Maintenance Service and Spare Parts

We offer scheduled maintenance programs for our machines. We also supply spare parts for a huge range of European plastic machines besides the ones we construct and recondition.

We can help you find the perfect machine for Waste Management & Plastic Processing

Please reach out providing details of your project, material you’d like to recycle, Tons and Time usage. We will help you to find the best machine for you: Second Hand or New! Learn more about what we do and contact us! 

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