Why don’t we ever deal with machines other than from EU and USA Constructors? 

In our 30 years experience, we find that there is still a great gap between “Western” and “Eastern” machinery in terms of materials’ quality and assembly criteria. Too often Eastern machines are still built with the typical concept of “single use” so, very cheap but not repairable. Not all of them, of course, but certainly you cannot expect cheap and good !

A used EU/US machine maintains its value throughout years, so you can always find a buyer when you want to sell. Older machines have been built without making economies on materials and they can virtually be regenerated forever.  

Especially when talking of WASTE RECYCLING EQUIPMENT, you do not need very sophisticated technology as much as you need power, sturdyness, reliability, and simplicity of use.

How many times have you seen a good “second hand Far East brand” on the market?

Of  course HIGHER QUALITY = HIGHER PRICE, but just to quote an old  Italian saying “those who spend more, spend less in the end”.

Entrapreneurs know very well the costs related to DOWNTIME: idle personnel, deadlines missed, delays in invoicing and cashing, loss of image with clients, etc.

Your production equipment should never give any problems because you simply cannot afford it. Therefore, when buying a machine, the wise entrepeneur gives priority to reliability, durability and availability of spare parts and quick assistance. This is something that European/USA Constructors never fail to give.

Talking of plastic processing and reycling equipment, Germanplast offers, in order of descending price :

1. NEW MACHINES MANUFACTURED IN EU-US (we have special agreements with a net of major and minor constructors, always top quality and reliable, for all the machines parts which we cannot construct at home)

2. RECONDITIONED MACHINES FROM EU-US MANUFACTURERS (deep reconditioning performed in our premises using only top quality components)

3. SECOND HAND EU-US EQUIPMENT TO BE RECONDITIONED OR TO BE USED FOR SPARE PARTS ONLY, TO COVER SPECIAL NEEDS AND LOWER BUDGETS. (in this case the Buyer is invited to refurbish the machine upgrading safety devices according to his Country regulations before using it) 

In our experience, we have returned to next-to-new conditions machines which had been left unsheltered for years. Of course they were sturdy machines built when raw materials were not spared, heavy and durable ones.

We could never do the same with cheap stuff.

The diagnosis is performed by skilled professionals who will rip down the machine to the bone and recondition it in a state-of-the-art manner. They know where to get the best quality spares and components at the right price so that reconditioning is done in the best and most economical way. 


Germanplast believes that  REUSING – RECLAIMING – REGENERATING must be our motto for the future. We must all do our bit to be sustainable, also cutting savage imports from Countries where the common rules of respect for human beings, for nature in general are unknown or refused ! We believe it is our duty to DEFEND OUR PLANET but also OUR ECONOMY, OUR FACTORIES, OUR JOBS and and all the goals so painstakingly achieved by our predecessors to safeguard the dignity and health of living beings.

So, make all your considerations before purchasing your assets.