What We Do

Second Hand, Reconditioned & New Machinery for Waste Management & Plastic Processing

We supply whole production lines made with USED MACHINES, RECONDITIONED and BRAND NEW EQUIPMENT constructed only in EU.

Benefits of NEW EQUIPMENT include: bespoke to your project, access to governmental contributions and leasing and 12 months guarantee.

Benefits of SECOND HAND, RECONDITIONED MACHINES are: faster delivery and lower prices.

Check out this video to see how our Primary Shredders are constructed:

Top quality machines made to last with low maintenance costs.

Contact us at info@germanplast.com, we can help you supplying the right equipment for your business.

This video will show you a sample of how Germanplast perform refurbishing:

  • • The machine is dissembled.
  • • Each single piece is checked, cleaned, greased, repaired, while worn out parts are replaced.
  • • We apply anti-rust and paint every single part.
  • • Re-assembling all parts into the original configuration.
  • • Re-mounting and running the machine to make sure everything works properly.
  • • We take extreme care and attention on keeping the constructor’s original configuration, especially as far as safety devices are concerned.
  • • Organize transport through our network of trusted partners.
  • • Post-sale assistance is supplied for spare parts and accessories from constructor, when available, or made according to original drawings.

Our Distribution:

In 30 years of professional experience in WASTE RECYCLING AND PLASTIC PROCESSING. We helped a huge number of companies to find the right machine for their business, and distributed our products IN MORE THAN 80 COUNTRIES.

Our Services:

We can assist you with our 30 years experience in WASTE RECYCLING AND PLASTIC PROCESSING.

Find the Right Machine for your Business

Our experience at your service to develop the most cost-efficient project for your needs. Depending on your budget and requirements we offer a huge range of customised solutions

Repair, Maintenance Service & Spare Parts

We offer scheduled maintenance programs for our machines. We also supply spare parts for a huge range of European plastic machines besides the ones we construct and recondition.

At Germanplast we use 100% Renewable Energy

Our Renewable Energy comes from the power of 32 hydroelectric power plants, 3 photovoltaic systems and 6 water dams in Aosta Valley. The result is 1.4 Million tons of Co2 emissions avoided with the production of energy from renewable resources.

CO2 emissions avoided
1.4 M
Renewable Energy