Sale Coniditions

1.Used machines are offered subject to unsold and on “as is” “where is” basis, unless otherwise specified. A confirmatory deposit is required to reserve the machine. If deposit for the same machine is received from more Buyers on the same day, Germanplast will return the received amount to all but the one who, at Germanplast’s discretion, will purchase. No claims are accepted for bank charges or other expenses done in view of purchase. Should the sale be prevented for any reason independent by Germanplast’s will, the deposit will be returned deducting any possible expenses and at the current exchange rate. No claims for missed revenue or loss of turnover will be accepted.

2.Any information given on used equipment is the one provided by previous owner or reported on available documentation. Buyers are invited to inspect the machines before confirming purchase. For brand new equipment constructed by partners, all information given, including photos, drawings and videos is the one supplied by Constructors. Germanplast assumes that new machinery offered by Constructor Partners does not infringe on third party patents or trademarks and fully complies to European Safety Regulations; should this be proven as untrue, Germanplast will not be held responsible for any breaches, unfair behavior or conflicts arising from incorrect information which has been given. Germanplast reserves the right to use footage images to show the various configurations of the machines for sale.

3.New equipment is covered by a 12 (twelve) month limited warranty. Used machinery can be offered without warranty or with a 3 (three), 4 four ) or 6 (six) month limited warranty, at Germanplast’s discretion, from delivery date or from start-up. In the second case, the machine must be installed and started latest within 2 (two) months from delivery. Warranty is not effective if start-up is not performed by Germanplast’s technician or under their direct supervision. 

4.Germanplast offers full availability to supply spare parts, ancillary equipment and technical support for repairs and commissioning. For disconnected machines, which cannot be seen running, a post-sale service can be offered, on specific agreement, by sending a team of skilled technicians to re-connect and run the line at Buyer’s site. Should this be prevented by travelling restrictions or any other reason, Germanplast can offer to reassemble, reconnect and start-up the machine in our premises to show it running in a video or even during a video call. 

5.When personnel training is offered, Germanplast does recommend that this is not underrated by the Client who should name one dedicated operator to be trained and he should make full use of given training time. Lack of good training could eventually bring to unpleasant situations. 

6.Used equipment sold as “parts of used machine” cannot be put in operation as it is. Buyer acknowledges that, should he decide to put the machine in operation, he must complete it with missing parts including safety devices, in a State of the Art manner and in accordance with his Country regulations. Running these “parts of machine” so completed is on Buyer’s responsibility so is to obtain due certifications.

7.Germanplast will not be responsible for any non-compliance in the event of not obtaining the authorization of export to or use in the Buyer’s Country for the purchased equipment.

8.User’s manuals and drawings given with the machines sold might not be in Buyer’s language. Translation into a language understandable by operators is on Buyer’s responsibility.

9.Delivery time given is indicative. Germanplast will do their best to deliver in the shortest possible time but shall not be liable for delayed delivery in the event of war or pandemic events or events which otherwise preclude the timely supply of components not manufactured by Germanplast due to causes beyond their control. Germanplast will not be held responsible for any loss of turnover or missed revenue as a consequence for the delay. The given expected delivery date is meant to start from the moment Germanplast receives : downpayment, signed pro-forma invoice and signed layout (for new equipment).

10.Germanplast remains sole owner of the machine/s until balance has been registered on Germanplast’s bank account. Pre-payment by bank transfer is always requested, unless different conditions have been previously agreed upon. No drafts or cheques are accepted in payment.

11.Machines are usually sold on ex-works basis, if not otherwise specified. A quotation with different INCOTERMS can be made available on request.

12. Buyer is invited to inspect the goods on arrival and to notify any issue immediately to Germanplast. Reclamations on delivered goods are accepted within 5 days from reception. No return will be accepted unless a written authorization by Germanplast is provided. In case of returned goods, all freight and customs duties expenses will be on Sender’s charge.

13.Buyer must inform Germanplast immediately on any errors or missing data in his Company data as reported on documents. Buyer’s data will be treated in accordance with Italian laws on privacy and with GDPR. See our Privacy Policy page on our website  

14.Any possible controversy which may arise on any matter with Germanplast will be regulated according to Italian laws, and the place of jurisdiction is Biella.