TECNOPLAST LD MD BIO w.1600 s.65 d.100-200-300

TECNOPLAST LD MD BIO w.1600 s.65 d.100-200-300

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For LDPE MDPE and BIO Web width from 600 mm up to 1600 mm Throughput rate  100/160 kg/h depending on materials Max production speed 80 Min/max thickness 30/200 my (tolerance sigma 2 +/- 8% Extruder with screw diam. 65 mm. 30 L/D MELT control Oscillating die  diam. 100-200-300 mm. gap 1,4 mm. Blow Up Ratio 1,5 – 4,5 high capacity cooling ring with inverter on electric fan 7,5 kw Calibrating basket 1.000 max diam. Gusseting units Pull off unit min/max width 600_1600 mm. Stretching rollers 1.800 mm wide Corona treatment Back to back winding station type BA 2/1.800 Max reel diam. 1000 mm. N.2 slit and seal units Supporting tower height approx 9,0 mt. Construction year 2003 Excellent conditions Mounted but disconnected


ModelLD MD BIO w.1600 s.65 d.100-200-300
Stock NumberGE586