TIRE RECYCLING LINE 3-4 T/h of 4-5 mm.granulate

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TIRE RECYCLING LINE 3-4 T/h of 4-5 mm.granulate


Starting product : car and truck tires

Final product : 4-5 mm. Granulate

Harmonized steel as a residual product.

Average throughput rate of chopped tires : average 12 Tons/h

Average throughput rate of granulate : 3-4 Tons/h

(throughput rate depends on feeding rate and on the kind of tires)

installed power : about 450 kw used at 65%

Space needed : about 25 x 20 mt.

Delivery time : about 7 months from confirmation

Main machines:

1.500 x 1.100 mm dual shaft shredder

Second 1.500 x 900 mm. dual shaft shredder

buffer for choopped material

n.2 heavy duty granulators

debeader, belts, classifiers, overbel magnetic separation, pneumatic transport

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The line can be completed with a PULVERIZER.


ModelTIRE RECYCLING LINE 3-4 T/h 4-5 mm.granulate
Stock NumberPBV204