GRANULATOR 1.600 mm up to 200 kw

GRANULATOR 1.600 mm up to 200 kw

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The best cooling system you can look for

Rotor 1.600 mm long, 650 mm diam. Loading hopper Siemens/ABB drive 110,132,160 or 200 kw as needed

excellent performances with cables and rubber N.10 transmission belts N.90 rotor knives + n.12 stator knives Bearing protection by compressed air Greased bearing lubrication Hydraulic grid opening Complete chilling circuit on back and side to be connected to chilling unit Electric cabinet LxWxH 800x500x1800 mm Extraction hopper screen holes size bespoke to project (min.4 mm.) 460 V 60 Hz 24 VDC Compressed air 4-5 Bar 3-400 lt./min Weight 8.500 kg. Blueprint : m.2.470 x 2.625 x H.3.920 m. Manuals, drawings, CE compliance


Stock NumberMLC101
TYPEfor cable, tires, plastics