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  • These reel splitters are particularly recommended to reduce the size of scraps before a further recycling process. They are ideal for paper, plastic, fabric, rubber, polylaminated, AL foil, in the shape of REELS, BALES, LOOSE MATERIAL, FIBERS, and more.
  • Proposed in different standard dimensions and cutting forces, or bespoke to project, these machines feature a sturdy steel structure, top quality components and are constructed according to the strictest EU regulations to perform at their best and keep their value in the years with the simplest maintenance.
  • Sturdy and reliable, these guillotines give excellent performances even on lower tonnage, for paper and plastic film reels.
  • with increased speed system, our guillotines can double the work done, compared with other models.
  • One operator is needed to work in full safety conditions: 2-hands operation + protection grids + emergency STOP + pull-rope STOP + blade protection + hydraulic locking system.
  • Available on request the photocell stopping system to prevent access in the action area.
  • A choice of bespoke knives is available for different applications.
  • With single piston up to 1.500 mm width or double piston for wider machines, always running on side racks on both sides, to prevent any oscillation or swaying.
  • hydraulically driven, the compact hydraulic pack find its lodging on top of the machine to save room and make the place safer to move around.
  • If the number of wide reels is just a small percentage on the total, you might choose to by a smaller machine and divide longitudinally the longer reels before splitting them.
  • Choose your size on the chart and send us your enquiry.
  • Usually 4-5 months delivery, depending on workload of the moment and availability of materials. Check on our stock.
  • The standard cutting surface is fitted with a V-shaped insert to accommodate the reel.

Accessories on request:

Side protection nets

Supporting structure from 200 up to 1.200 mm.from the ground (in addition to standard height which is 316 mm from the ground)

V table

V – shaped table and with V-shaped insert for cutting. Provides better self centering of the reel. Usable when the cutting material is in reels but not perfectly round.

V table with cutouts

V – shaped table with V-shaped insert for cutting. Provides better self centering of the reel. Usable when the cutting material is not perfectly round. The table has cutouts with guides for easier forklift manipulation Includes removable inserts for use when cutouts are not needed.

Forklift platform

Additional forklift platform for use only with V-table with cutouts. The material can be loaded onto the platform separately and then placed into the reel splitter.




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