2023 DUAL SHAFT HYDRAULIC SHREDDER 1.300 mm. 2 x 75 (or bespoke)

2023 DUAL SHAFT HYDRAULIC SHREDDER 1.300 mm. 2 x 75 (or bespoke)

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solid carbon steel structure

complete with loading hopper and supporting structure

shaft length 1.500 mm 

cutting surface 1.500 x 1.100 mm

high toughness and strength steel blades thickness to be defined according to project (no.17 blades of 75 mm or 13 x 100 mm.)

No. of beaks to be defined

Shaft speed 10/15 rpm

no.2 hydraulic motors with axial pistons and variable displacement (2 x 75 kw) total 150 kw (or bespoke)

no.2 planetary gearboxes

oil-bath lubrication


hydraulic power pack with 2 Linde axial piston hydraulic pumps

constant power regulator 

external auxiliary cooling circuit

2 cooling fans

external out-line filter circuit

1000-litre oil tank

external control pressure gauge working pressure

external pressure gauge pump supply pressure in closed circuit

Thermostats for controlling three temperature levels

Electrical safety of clogged filters

Electrical safety of minimum oil level in tank

Analogue pressure transducer for checking and setting pressure calibration values

Safety pressure switches and overload reverse cycle control 


Electric drive motor kw 2 x 75 V/Hz 380/50 4 Poles (or 90-110-150-180)

Auxiliary electric motor for out-line filtering kw 2.2 V/Hz 380/50 4 Poles

Electric motor oil cooling fans N° x kw 2 x 0.195 V/Hz 230-400/50 2 Poles

Reverse motion on overload 

The machine is equipped with EC-compliant control panel for 400 V 3 Ph.50 Hz

Manuals, diagrams and certification

Total machine weight approx. 16,000 kg

12-month warranty on non-wearing parts

Estimated production with car and truck ELTs, 5-15 Ton/hour depending on feed and tyre type

Estimated throughput rate:

Plastic+cardboard bales 15-20 T/h

200 lt metal drums 3-4 T/h

Electric wires 5-6 T/h

Zink waste 8-10 T/h

300 kg/m3 general waste 25-30 T/h

150 kg/m3 general waste 12-15 T/h

Alluminium waste 2-3 T/h

Light metal waste < 3 mm. 3-4T/h

Car tires 12-15 T/h

250 kg/m3 light truck tires 6-8 T/h

Heavy truck tires 5-7 T/h

Throughput rate depends on feeding rate and knives conditons


ModelHYDRAULIC, 1.300 mm. 2 x 75 (or bespoke)
Stock NumberPBV850
width1.300 mm. 51.18"