At Germanplast's you can find only WORKING MACHINERY.

Our core business, for the past 30 years, has been reconditioning pre-owned machinery and integrate whole lines with brand new equipment.

So, if you are looking for a machine which is NOT WORKING, this is NOT he right place.

Clients with a low budget will find machines just CHECKED for good working conditions. We can agree on the extent of our reconditioning reaching a FULL REFURBISHMENT with new vital parts like drive, rotor, control panel, screws+barrel+feeding piece, electric cabinet, etc.

It takes great skills and experience to properly recondition a machine, besides being in contact with the right suppliers of spares and components. Some adventurous clients sometimes attemp to obtain a perfectly working machine from a scrap one. They usually end up losing a lot of time and money in the process and procrastinating the start of their project. Better not to inprovise!

At Germanplast's we can do a deep reconditioning to end up with a next-to-new machine which will perform well for many years.

Our technical support through whatsapp is constantly available to our clients, and is free of charge.

Our post-sale assistance covers all spares, integrations, re-fittings  and of course transport and installation, if required.

If you have a machine in need of reconditioning, feel free to contact us !

If you wish to put your machine for sale, we will show it on our website and promote it to our contacts all over the world, free of charge.

Our website works like a catalogue: on the left column you will find categories which will lead you to the available items. In alternative you can use the search bar.

The best way to get a targeted offer is always to share the details of your project:

  • process
  • material (size, caracteristics relevant to the process)
  • production required in kg/h
  • expected final product 

Be confident with Germanplast!