Many people abuse of this phrase.


But when coming to SECOND HAND MACHINERY, it suits us right. A good second hand opportunity is something which happens only once; no duplicates, no second chances because you will never find two machines which are perfectly identical!

Besides construction, many other variable data may affect conditions of a used machine:

How often and to which extent scheduled maintenance has been performed?

Are all of its parts original?

Have all repairs been done in a workmanlike manner?

What temperature and weather conditions it has been working in?

What contamination the machine has been in contact with?

What materials the machine has been working with?

On RECYCLING MACHINES age can be of little importance the moment they undergo a thorough reconditioning by skilled technicians so that former quality is maintained.

Price range too, can differ depending on:

  • Primary cost of bare machine
  • Handling, transporting, storage costs
  • Costs of refurbishing, reconditioning or overhauling
  • The demand of the moment for the same machine
  • Payment terms
  • Finally, the owner’s present need for a quick return of cash

Buyer will consider:

Is this the machine I need?

  • What other options do I have for a similar machine?
  • How reliable are suppliers of the different options? Can they offer post-sale assistance?
  • Is the price difference with a brand new similar machine, same quality, acceptable to me?
  • What impact will this purchase have on my ROI, how will it affect processes, quality improvement or quantity increase or payroll changes? 
  • How quickly do I need this machine, considering that for a new one it will probably take longer?
  • Am I losing business opportunities in the meantime? To which extent is my potential increase in turnover affected? 

The fact is that:

On SECOND HAND MACHINES, offer is limited to one single unit.

The one machine is being offered to dealers and final users, all over the world.

Purchase is always confirmed by a deposit. With no deposit, the machine is still for sale.  

SMART ENTREPRENEURS are, first of all, SMART BUYERS; they will quickly make up their minds on what is a BARGAIN and will not miss it.