DOWNTIME is the worst enemy of an Entrapreneur!! When starting a new business, you need to start immediately and bring your ROI home. Your bills will start coming as son as you open and the sooner you start selling, the better.

Why then buying machinery which needs repair ? The money you save is soon lost in the downtime you face to get your equipment fit to give its 100% performance.

Have you ever calculated what you are losing? Fixed costs, lost opportunities, costs of repairs, replacements, spare parts…

not to mention that skilled technicians are not easy to be found. They must know exactly what to do, where to get the best supplies of spares, what is to be replaced, how to perform an efficient reconditioning !!

So, USED EQUIPMENT can be a bargain ONLY WHEN PROPERLY RECONDITIONED because when dealing with cheap stuff like plastics, with increasing costs of labour and energy you cannot afford any downtime.

Germanplast team can turn a second hand machine into a next-to-new one at reasonable costs.

For your next investment on plastic equipment, do contact us.

These are just some of our works. All machines have been stripped to the bone, reconditioned and sold with warranty.