If you do have a real need to purchase, you will be pleased to evaluate different options which might be available now or in a near future, since the scenario of USED EQUIPMENT is changing so rapidly. Consider that a used machine is sold as soon as someone who has been offered it pays a deposit on it and returns the contract signed for acceptance! Knowing what you are exactly looking for will ease the job to your supplying partner who will offer the right machine to you first, as soon as available!

Remember that the offering party is striving to give you the most suitable and sustainable solution (at least, this happens with Germanplast) so they will likely ask you more details than you gave on the project to be able to better target their offer and optimize everybody’s time. Besides, consider that your partner is likely to be working with a CMR so he will probably send you a few reminders to give you the possibility to reply and to better manage your enquiry in his own dashboard.

So, please always give your feedback! Any feedback is appreciated :

“I found elsewhere” – “I am a dealer and I want to offer this machine to my clients in general” – “this machine is too expensive for my budget” – “the project is still in pre-evaluation” – “I am looking for something different, that is……” – “the bank is not financing this project”, etc……

There is a an endless choice of good replies. Just send one.