Today, an affordable choice, even on small extruders, even on second hand ones!

Consider the average cost of one worker per shift : what is the total cost per year ?

With post-consume plastics, the frequency with which the screen needs replacing is extremely high.

Replacing a screen involves opening a machine that works above 200 °C, removing a filter full of melted plastic, scraping a surface from the plastic residue, inserting a new filter and closing the machine by screwing bolts.

If the screen is not promptly replaced, you might end up having dirt contaminating whole lots of material and claims from the customers !

Today you have no more excuses not to have a fully automatic screen-changer !

We can offer you a very economic but still highly performing solution. Try us.

The market offers different solutions and different systems, among which :

sliding-net system, revolving screen, scraping systems,....

The latest technology features a double screen, doctor blade system with continuous evacuating screw. This is the utmost improvement in automatic screening, which offers unparalled advantages:

very compact structure

quick and easy handling and maintenance

efficient in removing the highest contamination

minimum waste of material is generated

the most affordable choice.


Today, you can have a fully automatic screenchanger for less than you can dream!

  • Fast ROI,
  • Improved material quality
  • Improved working environment.

The fair, affordable price is due to the fact that it is stripped of all those excessive promotion costs, trade fairs and expensive marketing operations that would inevitably be reflected onto the final price of the product. The simple reason is that the Manufacturer is himself a RECYCLER and he knows how important it is to reduce costs, improving quality and working conditions of his team for a more sustainable environment. His engineers have been studying the product while constantly testing it on their own plants. This is how the best results have been achieved.

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