HOT MACRO-PERFORATOR 3 to 16 mm holes

HOT MACRO-PERFORATOR 3 to 16 mm holes

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For BOPP PP PVC thermoplastics in general. Can be fit on cutting machines, rewinders, Flexoprinting machines or other plastic film treatment machines. Max perforation width 1.500 mm. Roll width 1.700 mm. (available width 800 to 2000 mm.) Core diam.without needles mm.99 N.15 brass needled sets 100 mm long (customizable) Tempered steel needles N.9 needles/sqcm (customizable)needles interax D09 Needles diam. mm.1,08 (available also in diam. 0.8, 1.08, 1.22, 1.42, 1.8, 2.35) Speed: 100 m/min (available also in 200 m/min.version) 380V dph+N+G- 50Hz Including: Electric system with digital thermometer Self adjusting to pre-set temperature in work Heaters parting to manually adjust heat on center and sides of web Automatic opening/closing system of the perforation roll The roll will rotate when in stand-by position, to avoid heat deformation Counter- roll in organic bristles,easy to replace. Counter-roller diam. mm.110 Micrometrical needles regulation in work Needles are easily replaceable New machine – 12 month warranty


Modelfor thermoplastics
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