OPTICAL SORTER for color and polymer

OPTICAL SORTER for color and polymer

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To sort different colors of PET HDPE PP PVC PC ABS PMMA and more

Customizable from 1 to 6 channels

High precision and smart technology which uses A.I.to grant excellent performances.

The best cost-effective deal you can find to improve your final product or create a new business.

Very quick assistance if needed

Compact and versatile machine, available from 0,940 .up to 2,7 mt. wide (L x H: 1,8 x 1,8 mt.)

For a variety of different uses, this machine can separate parts as small as a salt grain and as large as a walnut so increasing the value of your reground plastic scraps .

The control panel with its touch screen allows full customisation on different materials and colors.

The 16 million colors high resolution digital cameras gives extremely high performances and can recognize down to 0,09 mm.large defects.

The NIR cameras allow to detect stone, glass, soil and other dense bodies

Even DIFFERENT POLYMERS, through the Short-waved Infra Red cameras, can be detected.

The software works with an A.I. system which learns from the previous selections to improve each time.

Low energy consumption.

Remote controllable from PC or smartphone, for any need to adjustment. Different recipes will be pre-loaded to meet client’s requirements. More can be added later, even in remote. Extremely simple to use

One device for all of your plastics. We offer a complete system, bespoke to the project.

All Italian technology, construction, components.

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ModelFrom 1 up to 6 channels, color and polymer separation
Stock NumberPIB100