VERTICAL MIXERS from 5 to 30 m3

VERTICAL MIXERS from 5 to 30 m3

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Our VERTICAL MIXER 5 to 30 m3 are used to blend  different  batches of one material and grant a more homogeneous quality within one lot.

Please see our attached PDF and photos for different sizes availables.

Another important task they are used for, is to complete cooling of materials after a heat related process, like regranulation or agglomeration, in order to avoid the possibility that materials, due to residual heat, clog into lumps.

Our standard mixers for plastic materials are constructed in sturdy electro-welded steel, painted on the outer surface with an anti-rust layer and a protection coating. Installed in a sheltered, dry place they will perform at their best for years .

  •  inner auger diam.350 mm.
  •  lower loading hopper with safety grid and sampling shutter, complete with anti-dust cover, mm.600 x 500
  •  pulley and belt transmission, protected by carters
  •  inspection doors
  •  cleaning hinged door with on bottom of cone for complete discharging, with safety delayed opening
  •  side discharging pipe to big bag with valve.
  •  paddle type max level indicator
  • self greasing kit
  • complete with control panel.
  •  electric voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, auxiliaries a.c. 24 V
  • CE certificate, drawings and instructions manual

It is important that the full dimensions of the entrance as well as in the premises are thoroughly verified before purchasing the machine : they must allow easy tilting and positioning in place.

The cheapest way to load a mixer is holding the bag, with a forklift, over a wheeled slide. Material will fall into the hopper and will be lifted by the rotating auger up to the top. It will take about 5′-8’ to discharge a 1Tx Big Bag. In alternative, the mixer can be equipped with a flanged forced feeding unit. This will speed up the process and you won’t have to move the wheeled slide from one mixer to the other.

The machine can be customized to meet different needs.

Available options :

  • Wheeled slide
  • Feeding auger, flanged to the mixer
  • upper 350 mm. flanged hole with cover for cyclone,
  • upper air vent hole with dust sleeves
  • Magnetic star on inlet to capture ferrous contamination
  • Weighing system with bag filling station
  • Pneumatic system to load from top.
  • Air drying system
  • Cross mixing system
  • Customized sizes.
  • Also available in Stainless Steel AISI304


ModelVERTICAL MIXERS from 5 to 30 m3
Stock NumberGE500