FULLY AUTOMATIC SCREENCHANGER, standard, doctor-blade system

FULLY AUTOMATIC SCREENCHANGER, standard, doctor-blade system

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The most cost effective solution for extruders up to 2.000 kg/h (over 2.000 kg/h, see our item SBG800)

You can afford one now to improve your material quality and (your worker's job)

Available in Ø 400-500-600-700 mm.

With laser screens (from 60 to 350 µm)

punched screens (from 400 to 2000 µm),

metallic mesh screens (from 230 to 10 mesh).

Bespoke screens available since they are produced in-house.

Laser and punched screens withstand wear and high temperatures.They can be cleaned in a pyrolytic oven to be re-used several times.

Counter-flow cleaning system, suitable for light contamination, is used with economical metal mesh.

Compact, very easy maintenance.

Low material waste.

Contact us with your project's details:

  • Kind of material
  • MFI
  • Throughput rate in kg/h
  • % and kind of contaminants
  • Mesh size

to get your quotation now.

This machine in the standard version comes with a very affordable price. You pay for is pure technology and materials quality: no promotional costs.


ModelFULLY AUTOMATIC SCREENCHANGER, 400 to 700 mm Ø doctor- blade system
Stock NumberSBG700
functionscreening - fully automatic