DRY PELLETIZER FOR PVC and other compounds

DRY PELLETIZER FOR PVC and other compounds

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AIR PELLETIZER FOR PVC AND COMPOUNDS for throughput 500 to 1500 kg/h connection flange built on Client's design made in steel heated by ceramic heaters, temperature probe and protection carter

stainless steel granulation chamber on horizontal axix, quick opening

knife-holder with fluctuating star to reduce knives consumption.

self adjusting knives to nozzle by means of a spring which keeps knives pressed, with less wearing out and increased efficiency n.1x 3 kw motorwith extra strong bearing and long shaft

cutting die in anti-wear steel with number and Ø of holes bespoke to project. 1,5 kw blower, Venturi system

knife template

electric cabinet and touch screen control board with modem for remote assistance


ModelAIR PELLETIZER FOR PVC and other compounds
Stock NumberMDH104