TIRE RECYCLING LINE 1 T/h <6 mm.granulate

TIRE RECYCLING LINE 1 T/h <6 mm.granulate

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Starting product : car and truck tyres (excluding forklift and loaders' tyres) max diam. 1.200 mm

(larger tyres need pre splitting)

Final product : 2-4 mm.crumbs

1-2 mm.crumbs

2 operators per shift

calculated on a 220 days/year 8 h/day = 1.760 T/year - 16 h/day = 3.520 T/year

Required space : about 25 x 15 mt.

Harmonized steel as a residual product.

Average throughput rate of granulate : 1 Ton/h (throughput rate depends on feeding rate and on the kind of tires)

installed power : about 380 kw used at 65%

Delivery time : about 6 months from confirmation

Main machines:

Debeader - manual (20-25 tyres/h) for truck tyres only

feeding conveyor belt

Dual shaft shredder 1.300 mm wide

transport belt

transport belt for fine material

transport belt to return oversized material to shredder

High speed granulator 1.300 mm wide rotor

extraction belt

vibrating table

Overbelt magnetic separator

metal fraction discharging belt

transport belt

Buffer with inbuilt screw conveyor

Chopped material is stored in the buffer for further size reduction, separation and cleaning.


screw to fine granulator

Fine granulator 800 mm wide rotor

extraction blower for material

textile fiber separation table

2-steps vertical screening unit

n.2 transport screws

n.2 densimetric tables for crumb cleaning

n.2 transport screws to big bag loading station

The dust reducing system acting on material transport and textile separating table consists : connection pipes, cyclone, dust reducing filter, vacuum hood

Control panel for management of the whole line

The line can be completed with a PULVERIZER. to reach the finest granulometry.


ModelTIRE RECYCLING LINE 1 T/h <6 mm.granulate
Stock NumberGEDP100
installed power 380 kw
CAPACITY1 Ton/h <6 mm granulate
delivery timeabout 6 months from confirmation
Payment Termsdeposit + LC