2005 MP s.80 mm.28 L/D d.140, s.w.1000 mm.

2005 MP s.80 mm.28 L/D d.140, s.w.1000 mm.

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for HDPE and LDPE

constructed in 2005

excellent conditions

Barrel Screw: Φ80 mm with mixing zone LD 28/1 nitride hard chromium steel

Barrel heating zones: 4 zones thermal power 4 KW each plus 1 filter thermal zone 4 KW.

Screw Length (L/D) : 28/1

Screw Diameter (mm): 80

Screw Speed (R.P.M.) : 65

Cylinder Total Heating (KW): 16 

Flange Heating (KW): 4

Number of Die Heating Zones: 3

Die Total Heating (KW): 6,6

Cylinder Cooling: 4 separates fan motors for each individual thermal zone

Cylinder Cooling Power (KW): 3,5

Installed Electric Power (KW): 70

Max Output (KG/H): LDPE 100 Kg/H, HDPE 90 Kg/h

Film Width: (Min-Max) 280 mm – 1000 mm

Film Thickness: (Min-Max) 0,018-0,200 mm

Main Driving Gear Reducer: Monobloc Reducer Italy Made “ROSSI SPA” 

Main Motor: AC 3 Phase Inductance Motor 30 KW (40 HP).  

Main Motor Control Driving: (VFD Inverter MITSUBISHI): Mitsubishi F700 Series AC Frequency Inverter for 30kW (40HP) 400V 3 P, operates in VxF or Sensors Vector Control. 

Tower: Overall dimensions 2300mm (L) x 1300 mm (W) x 6800 mm (H) Iron 3mm frame, with separate metallic platform (1900 mm x 2500 mm) steel frame 3 mm for Pulling system

Filter: With protection by Bronze Nuts

Die Head System: Rotary Spiral Die with polish lips hard chromium steel. Die diameter Φ 140 mm

Cooling Ring: Φ 1000 Rotational  

Cooling Ring blowing fan: AC motor 3 phase/400 V/3 KW

Die Electrical Board: Metallic Electrical Board with three PID Thermo Controllers, three AmpMeters and Ventilation Control

Pulling System: Pneumatic Solenoid Actuators High quality Rubber Cylinders 1100 mm width, drived by 3 Phase AC Inductive Motor controlled by VFD Inverter Mitsubishi and digital speed display on Main Electrical Board. : Special Gusset System for smooth film leading and Irid stabilization between the Gusset and Die

Pull cylinders Motor: AC/3 Phase/400 V/1,5 HP driven by VFD Mitsubishi, speed digital display on main Electrical Board

Winder System: Iron Frame 15 mm, two rubber cylinders Φ 190 x 1100 mm, driving by special “Scorrimento” High Slip Motor, Single Semi-Automatic Non Stop

CASONI Corona Treatment 3 PHASE/400 V/3 KW with separate electrical control board.

Electrode Bars:

• Possibility of partialisation in 10 mm steps for easy selection of the treatment band

• Segregated in protective boxes with pneumatic opening-closing mechanisms for easy material insertion. Treatment rollers:

• Statically and dynamically balanced

• Covered with high-quality silicone sleeve

Ozone suction system:

• Designed to keep the discharge electrodes well cooled and very clean. Safety, sensors, and signals:

• The emergency stops, mobile guards, and electrode boxes are monitored by dual channel safety switches.

• Dedicated sensors for controlling the rotation of the treatment rollers and the extraction flow.

• Signals: Acoustic buzzer, 3-colour light column. Main construction materials:

• Stainless steel and aluminum. 


Models.80 mm.28 L/D d.140, s.w.1000 mm.
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