GERMANPLAST 1.000 2x11 + 2x15 kw

GERMANPLAST 1.000 2x11 + 2x15 kw

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Customised hopper

construction in robust high thickness carbon steel

shredding surface 1.000 x 980 mm

2 counter-rotating steel shafts with differentiated speed

Blades 30 mm, 4 + 2 teeth or bespoke

Very easy blade maintenance

welded profile connection frame

No. 2 gearboxes

Electric motors 2x11 + 2x15 kw - 400 V/50 Hz

bearings strategically positioned so as not to be affected by the processed material

the bearings are connected to a centralised lubrication point that can be connected (as an option) either to an automatic lubrication system or to a manual greasing point where the operator can intervene regularly.

hydraulic control unit, 

electrical control panel with PLC and machine wiring

automatic overload reversal with programmable number of reverse cycles


Model1.000 2x11 + 2x15 kw
Stock NumberGEDP2000
width1.000 mm
Power52 kw