EUROPEAN 600 kg/h-3.000 kg/h

EUROPEAN 600 kg/h-3.000 kg/h

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for plastics washing plants

constructed in stainless steel

throughput rate with film 600 kg/h

residual moisture about 15%

throughout rate with rigid plastics 3.000 kg/h

residual moisture under 2%

90 kw drive

available with bolted paddles version

outer bearings

heavy-duty welded design structure mounted on anti-vibration pads.

hinged maintenance access doors on both sides of the housing

upper opening for material feed

Water/fines discharge outlet on bottom

bolted flange on top

Steel structure with painted with anti-corrosion coating.

Mechanical self cleaning by rubber wipers mounted to two driven rotating arms

continuous cleaning on outside of the screen cage and inner housing wall

available complete with pipes system

Size LxWxH : 4,23 x 1.89 x 2,2 mm


Model600 kg/h-3.000 kg/h
installed power 90 kw