CINCINNATI Complete multilayer Ref.GE1.489

Cincinnati Complete multilayer Pex-Al-Pex pipes production line

  • Main extruder Proton 45-30G
  • Co-extruder CE-30
  • Cooling tank Sprayon 63T/5,8/3k
  • Vacuum tank Vacon 63T/5,8/3k
  • Haul-off Tracton 63/1C-6
  • Aluminum welder Leicht WIG-120
  • Aluminum unwinder AMT AH1,0/1700
  • Chiller HYFRA VWK30-1-S
  • Aluminum pipe welder AIXCON PWU 400
  • Stockpile for raw aluminum, forming aluminum pipe, welding aluminum pipe  UNIWEMA 30 KMW
  • Generator for welder Huttinger BIG 40/100
  • Coating extruder Proton 45-30G
  • Glue co-extruder CE-30
  • Cooling tank Sider Jack
  • Cooling tank Sprayon 63T/5,8/3k
  • Haul-off
  • Marking machine IMAJE 9040
  • X ray gauge x SCITEQ X-ACT TWINEYE 40
  • Automatic winder FB Balzanelli TR1350 L1/8/M


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