BE100 PREALPINA COMPLETE GRINDING/WASHING /DRYING PLANT. The line can be used in different ways by simply excluding some equipment when un-necessary, so reducing dramatically energy consumption

  • For PE PP ABS PS PC PVC scraps (soft and hard plastics)
  • Average output 500/700 kg/h depending on Scraps
  • Offered “as is, where is” or with COMPLETE OVERHAULING and  warranty
  • Including :
  • Stainless steel inclined table for easy bale opening
  • Inclined conveyor belt to wet grinder 
  • CEIA metal detector
  • MECCANOPLASTICA  WET GRINDER   Mod.1000 BLC,  for scraps pre-washing, with hydraulic grid extraction , 80 Kw.Power.
  • Draining extraction auger
  • First PREALPINA  50 Kw shaking centrifuge,
  • Cyclon to feed silo
  • 2500 kg. Silo with extraction auger,
  • 6 mt.long float/sink separating and washing tub, complete with dipping and driving paddles, pumps, upper extracting drilled auger  and bottom extracting skew chain conveyor  and inclined auger for  waste material sank on bottom.
  • Second PREALPINA 50 Kw.  drying centrifuge,
  • Discharging cyclon
  • PREALPINA Comprex type G400 squeezing- compacting  unit, with 400 mm endless screw
  • 1Second coveyor belt to dry grinder
  • MECCANOPLASTICA  800 mm. 75 Kw.  Grinder for further drying and lumps separation
  • Drying  unit with 3 drying silos with double temperature regulation and security thermostate.
  • Electric cabinet for complete management of the line
  • Output material is ready for extrusion
  • installed power on the whole line: about 500 kw – used 300 kw **** depending on the use,  power consumption can drop  under 150 kw.
  • Full commissioning available on separate agreement
  • inspection possible in Italy


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