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Reconditioned VS As Is Where Is

Downtime is the worst enemy of an Entrapreneur!! When starting a new business, you need to be immediately ready to bring your ROI home.Why then buying machinery which needs repair ? The money you save is soon lost in the downtime you face to get your equipment fit to...

B E W A R E ! ! ! It still happens... Yes, I still find people who do not know about this : you can find CE marked equipment on the market at very cheap prices and you are told that it has passed CE severe...


Easiest  shortcut,  when you bump into a profitable scraps recycling business, could seem  grabbing the cheapest equipment you can find on the market, repairing it on a D-I-Y scheme,   keeping heavier investments for the future, after you have repaid initial...


Many people abuse of this phrase.   But when coming to SECOND HAND MACHINERY, it suits us right. A good second hand opportunity is something which happens only once; no duplicates, no second chances because you will never find two machines which are perfectly...


Why don't we ever recondition machines other than from European and USA Constructors?  In our experience, there is still a great gap between "Western" and "Eastern" machinery in terms of materials' quality, technology and assembly criteria and, despite we perform a...


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