BAUSANO 2 x twin screw extrusion line Ref.FMB301


  • The main extruder is Mod. MD2-154-26-H, and the secondary
  • Extruder is Mod. MD2-115-B-26-A,and is connected directly in
  • The centre of the main extruder and before the degassing equipment.
  • The MULTIDRIVE transmission system, with counter-rotating screws and 4 efficient motors,
  • Is a reference technology in the extrusion world guaranteeing the highest quality and
  • Plasticising, precision and energy savings, even in large production volumes.
  • By distributing the movement in four different points, this MULTIDRIVE system
  • Reduces considerably the torsional stress to a quarter, which prolongs the life of the
  • Shafts and the gearbox, guaranteeing greater durability, improving the reliability of the
  • Extruder and achieving significant energy savings.
  • Suitable to process virgin materials and recovered thermoplastics from HDPE, LDPE,
  • PS, PP, UPVC, PVC, and also for the manufacture of polymeric alloys such as
  • PC+PAG+PB+PB+Fiberglass composition, etc. The composition of: PP, PAG,
  • Fibreglass, Alloys with sawdust, nut shells, natural fibres and similar.
  • Depending on the types of plastics and their specific weight as the above mentioned,
  • The productions working in Co-Extrusion, would be of the order of 1.800 to 2.000 kg/h.
  • It is also possible to work only with the main extruder, in which case the production
  • Would drop by 30/40 %.
  • General specifications:
  • Main Extruder Mod. MD2-154-26-H
  • Double screw extruder, diam.154 mm. 26 L/D (4.650 mm)
  • Bimetallic barrel.
  • Heating areas with ceramic heating elements.
  • Cooling vents
  • Vacuum degassing  BUCH pump.
  • Power: 4 three-phase asynchronous motors 37 kw. each one. Total power 160 kw.
  • DINISCO pressure control at the lamination chamber outlet.
  • Hopper on extruder with homogenizer and hydraulic forced feeding.
  • General control, temperature and power equipment control cabinets.
  • Dimensions and weight:
  • Length 8.000 mm – Width 1.800 mm. – Height 2.350 mm.
  • Net Weight 16 ton.
  • Secondary co-extruder Mod. MD2-115-B26-A
  • Double screw extruder, diam.: 125 mm. 26 L/D (3.750 mm)
  • Bimetallic barrel.
  • Heating areas with ceramic heating elements.
  • Cooling vents
  • Power: 4 three-phase asynchronous motors 18ʼ5 kw. each one. Total power 74 kw.
  • DINISCO pressure control at the lamination chamber outlet.
  • Hopper on extruder with forced feeding and automatic level control.
  • MORETTO Mod. CM 10/12 M volumetric dosing unit for masters.
  • Electric cabinets for general control of temperatures and power groups.
  • Dimensions and weight:
  • Length 5.900 mm – Width 1.350 mm. – Height 2.000 mm.
  • Net weight 5 ton.
  • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT available on separate agreement
  • To be installed in each of the extruders as detailed below.
  • Most of the elements are made of stainless steel.
  • Corresponding to the main extruder To be installed on the degasser
  • Filtering system direct to the pump, consisting of two stainless steel tanks with
  • Three bag filters each and self-cleaning by pressurized air jet.
  • To be installed in the forced feeding system
  • Dosing systems: consisting of 2 independent hoppers, each with automatic dosing
  • Systems directly to the force-feed hopper.
  • Dust collection system located at the force feed inlet with a 10 self-cleaning bag filter.
  • To be installed on the vacuum pump
  • Gas filtering system, installed at the same outlet of the vacuum pump, consisting of
  • 2 self-cleaning bag filters with 3 bag filters each.
  • Corresponding to the secondary extruder
  • To be installed in the forced feeding system
  • Accumulation hopper with volumetric feed and controlled dosing system with direct
  • Drop to forced feed hopper
  • The machines have been constructed in 1992 – consider that this constructors can supply spare parts for machines constructed up to 40 years before.
  • Excellent general conditions due to  constant and impeccable maintenance.
  • The equipment can be inspected, duly disassembled and stored.  All the electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical connections duly marked for their easy further assembly. All technical, maintenance and electrical diagram documents will be provided.
  • With the corresponding fees to be agreed, we can provide with loading, transport and assembling of the machinery. 



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