This kind of agglomerator is an excellent solution whwn you have moist or highly printed film scraps, moist fibers  and also polylaminated films.  The good of this machine is that dewatering and degassing happen whicle the rotating knives melt thre materials and all gasses and water are released and vacuumed through the hood. You can decide the  processing time  to make a very fine job, targeted to your scraps. Or, you can add some smart devices to help you work in a semi-automatic way.  Fully automatic machines like this exist when you have a uniform quality of scraps.

If you want a machine that you can start and stop when you want, at any time without pre-heating, this is your machine. You can decide to schedule agglomeration for some days and then regranulation for  the rest of the week. In this case, this machine performs better than any other when coming to moisture and prints.

It comes in a range of sizes from 150 to 2.500 kg/h, from different constructors. Ask for a quotation for a new, used or reconditioned machine.



  • Average output 350-500 kg/h depending on materials and moisture content
  • 1000 mm. diam.steel barrel with infeed
  • 115 kW, Hp 150 main engine, side door for inspection and knives replacement,
  • Replaceable inner lining 400 mm high
  • Grease lubricating system for engine bearings
  • Oil lubricating station for hub bearings, through automatic pump with oil pressure indicator
  • Bearing cooling system through circulating water,
  • 0,75 kW oleodynamic power station
  • Electrovalve for closing/opening unloading door
  • Hp 3,0 steam vacuum engine,
  • Control switchboard and panel
  • Appx dimensions: L 3.470 mm.x W 1.500 mm.
  • Bent steel structure, electric motor
  • Diagonal auger 1,5 Hp engine,
  • Diam +/-150 mm. – width +/- 1000 mm. – length +/- 1500 mm. – bolted upper cover, de-pressure unit
  • 1 opening inspection window, 1 inspection glass, inner protection grill, safety limits
  • The line is offered reconditioned
  • OPTIONAL (on separate quotation)
  • 1,4 Kw electrical engine
  • Width 900 mm. – length 7000 mm.
  • Steel structure, side walls, PVC belt
  • ROTO-CLASSIFIER with loading auger


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